Mu-8: Visualizing Differences between a Protein and its Family

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Mu-8 (from 'mutate') is our approach to uncover which mutation of an amino-acid sequence causes a functional breakdown in a protein. Mu-8 was conceived as a contribution to the 2013 BioVis Contest and was originally developed by with students of Harvard's CS 171 - Visualization class.

Mu-8 visualizes differences of principal components of a mutated protein relative to its protein family, in addition to the conservation of regions of the sequence, 3D structure and proximity data.


Johnathan D Mercer, Balaji Pandian, Alexander Lex, Nicolas Bonneel, and Hanspeter Pfister: Mu-8: Visualizing Differences between Proteins and their Families BMC Proceedings, vol. 8, no. Suppl 2, p. S5, 2014.

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