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Other Projects


Caleydo is our open-source visualization framework developed by a team of research labs. Active since 2008 Caleydo is the platform for many bio-related visualization projects.

Caleydo StratomeX

StratomeX is a visual analysis technique for cancer subtype visualization. Its purpose is to enable analysts to investigate groupings of patients (stratifications) across many datasets and properties enabling them to judge and characterize potential cancer subytpes.


LineUp is a visualization technique for multi-attribute rankings. It enables analysts to create and explore custom rankings of datasets with more than one attribute. We also use LineUp for data assignment, querying and to find good matches or supporting evidence for stratifications in StratomeX, Entourage and enRoute.

Caleydo enRoute

enRoute is a technique that enables analysts to explore large and heterogeneous experimental datasets in the context of biological pathways. The central idea is to let users specify relevant paths in a pathway and present these paths in a separate view juxtaposed with experimental data.

Caleydo Entourage

Entourage works in concert with enRoute to manage multiple pathways, find interdependencies between pathways and discover related pathways. The core idea of Entourage is that of contextual subsets. To manage the limited display space we don't show multiple complete pathways but instead display a contextually relevant subset of nodes and edges.

Mu-8 /ˈmyuteɪt/

Mu-8 (from 'mutate') is our approach to uncover which mutation of an amino-acid sequence causes a functional breakdown in a protein. Mu-8 was conceived as a contribution to the 2013 BioVis Contest and was originally developed together with students of Harvard's CS 171 - Visualization class.

Mu-8 visualizes differences of principal components of a mutated protein relative to its protein family, in addition to the conservation of regions of the sequence, 3D structure and proximity data.

iMEDgine - Medical Image Viewer

iMEDgine is open source software that allows visualization and manipulation of medical 3D image data.
The software itself provides the GUI, basic manipulation functionality and interfaces to algorithms as implemented in ITK.

iMEDgine was developed from 2005-2006 and is no longer actively maintained.

iMEDgine screenshot